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CONMEBOL suspends officials for 'serious errors' in Argentina******<p>RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) -- The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) said Wednesday it suspended Uruguayan referee Andres Cunha and video assistant Esteban Ostojich for &#34;serious errors&#34; in Argentina's home World Cup qualifier against Brazil.。</p>

The decision relates to an incident in which Argentina defender Nicolas Otamendi struck Brazil forward Raphinha with an elbow to the face during the first half of Tuesday';s match in San Juan, which ended in a goalless draw.。

The knock left Leeds United&#39;s Raphinha with a bloody wound in the mouth that required five stitches at halftime.。

In a video released by CONMEBOL on Wednesday, Ostojich is heard telling Cunha that he considered the foul a "yellow-card offense." Despite the recommendation, Cunha opted not to caution Otamendi, nor did he award a free kick against the Benfica center back.。</p>

4;The performance of the chief referee, Andres Ismael Cunha Soca Vargas, and the [video assistant referee], Esteban Daniel Ostojich Vega ... was technically analyzed by [the referees9; committee], which concluded that they committed serious and manifest errors in their duty,4; read a CONMEBOL statement.。

It said that Otamendi had "put at risk the physical integrity" of the Leeds United player, adding that both match officials were suspended "indefinitely.4;The Brazilian Football Confederation said on Wednesday night that it would send an official complaint to FIFA and request that Otamendi be banned.。

<p>Brazil manager Tite told reporters after the match it was ";inconceivable"; that the referee chose not to take action after consulting the video assistant. Enditem。 老版彩神8
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